Supporting the Community Who Supports Us.  


The Program

Whether you live in an apartment, condo or home, we’ve made it easy to go solar even when rooftop solutions are not a good fit for your home. You could lock in low solar electricity prices and gain security for the future. Our team will build and maintain an off-site solar garden, and your subscription will add clean energy to the grid.

How does Community Solar Work?

1. Enrollment – You subscribe to the solar garden with $0 due at signing and lock in price certainty for the term of your agreement.

2. Solar garden assignment – Primal Energy will match you to a local solar garden.

3. Solar energy delivery – Energy is delivered to your home the same way it is today, only now the production from the solar garden helps your community become more sustainable.

4. Savings - You’ll pay Primal Energy each month for production from the solar garden and will receive a credit on your electricity bill for your share of the garden’s solar production.