Panels work in the winter? 

Yes! Colder temperatures typically improve solar panel output. The white snow can also help reflect light and help improve PV performance. Winter will only hurt solar production if the panels are covered with snow. Here in Richmond, Virginia we see an average of 10-12 inches of snowfall each year. 

Helpful tips for when it snows!

Weight! Panels are designed to hold a small small amount of weight. During the manufacturing process panels are subjected to stress tests to assess quality. Also keep in mind that covered panels mean no solar production. To properly  removed snow from panels we suggest a Snow Roof Rake

Interesting fact!

Sunny states (like California, Arizona and Florida) are not the only places where solar makes sense. In fact, the top 10 cities for solar in the U.S. aren’t the sunniest ones. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) ranks Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York in the top 10 for states with the highest amount of installed solar in 2014, with large percentages of solar installations coming during winter weather months.