You Have Questions! Primal has answers!


Will installation damage my roof?

Nope! Panels actually protect the roof the weathering effects of sunshine, wind, debris. 

What factors go into determining the perfect solar installation for my home?

It truly depends on your home. Our team prides itself in determining and engineering the perfect solar fit. Here are some factors we use to determine your specific solar solution:

  1. Your current energy usage.  If you use more energy, you will need a bigger solar system.
  2. Your state’s net metering policy.  Net metering policy determines whether (and how much) you can feed your excess energy back to the electricity grid.
  3. Your eligibility for tax credits, rebates, or incentives.
  4. Your decision to lease or buy your solar system. With utility prices on the historic rise in most markets, you can save over the long term with solar.

How does weather affect my solar power production?

Contrary to popular belief, Mother Nature doesn’t play a huge role in solar production. Take a look below at how solar panels work in different weather scenarios.

Will solar panels produce energy when it’s cloudy?

Photovoltaic solar panels will produce energy on cloudy days and will produce significant energy through the clouds. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, consider that solar panels on a rooftop in foggy San Francisco produce nearly the same as the ones in nearby sunny Sacramento. Consider too that Germany leads the world in residential solar right now, and it is generally an overcast climate.

Will solar panels produce energy when it’s rainy?

As we just talked about, the cloudiness that comes from a rain shower doesn’t hinder solar production. Furthermore, think of rain as a free wash. Rain actually rinses away dirt that may have accumulated on the solar panels, which allows the solar panels to work more efficiently.

Will solar panels produce energy when it’s snowy?

Automatically, you may think that if snow covers the panels, you won’t generate energy. The snow’s life cycle on a solar panel is usually very short-lived. The panels’ dark surface will gather sun and actually help melt the snow, causing it to slide off the system’s glass surface.  In an effort to not scratch or damage the panels, it is recommended to not shovel the snow off of your roof.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

Solar panels have no moving parts and do not require regular maintenance. We recommend hosing them off a few times throughout the year, however most panel owners never clean the panels and rely on the rain to do the job instead. 

Solar will get more efficient, so why shouldn't you wait?

Solar technology has only moderately increased in efficiency in the past few decades. Although cost has decreased and while likely continue consumers must keep in mind that Federal and State incentives will not continue as the industry continues to mature. 

How many solar panels do I need?

If your home or business is already connected to the grid, then the size of your system can be as large as your available space and budget allow. Most people choose to install between 2,000 and 10,000 watts. If your home is not connected to the grid, then the solar electric system must be specifically designed to meet your electricity demand. In either case, we can help you decide the on the system size that is right for you.

What is the Dominion Virginia Power Solar Purchase Program?

Participants can sell their solar harvest to Dominion for $0.15/kWh, roughly 40% more than they pay currently for electrical power. For more information, visit:

Will my solar panels work when the power is out?

Solar panels produce energy whenever the sun is shining. However, any back-up system that is connected to the grid is prohibited from operating when the grid is down in order to protect the lives of utility workers. It is possible to install a hybrid system that is both grid-connected and provides back-up power, but this option will increase costs due to additional hardware and battery bank.

Do I need permission from my homeowners association?

We recommend you seek approval from your homeowners association, but by Virginia state law, your homeowners association cannot prohibit you from installing and using solar power except under certain circumstances. See the code of Virginia, Title 67, Chapter 7 for more information.