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Anderson Neck Oyster Farm

Solar is Power

Right outside of West Point Virginia is home to one of the most unique aquaculture farms on the east coast.

The Hild family had a challenge, with no power lines connecting to the main grid their land based operation was in the dark. Micheal Hild after an exhausting process with his local utility company finally decided that solar was the most cost effective and ideal route to take.

He had a local installer come in to take on the project. Unfortunately the local installer did not manage expectation or execute the project properly. Enter stage right, Jamie Scott.

After a frustrating experience with the local installer Michael met Jamie. Primal Energy took over the project and completed what our competitor couldn't. Michael was so impressed that he gave Primal Energy another opportunity the following year to complete the solar project for their floating processing plant.

The Anderson Neck Oyster Farm project is our showcase project due to the complexity and level of customization needed to maintain this sustainable farm.

Project Details :

Land Operation

12 Panel System

1/4 Mile Wiring Base to Dock 

Floating Processing Building

20 Panel System

Battery & Generator Back Up

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